In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; one God. Amen

Repent for the kingdom of God is near Matthew 3፥2, Mark 1፥2, Luke 3፥3.

Repent for it is near that heaven for being a child, being a child through faith shall be given

Dear readers, welcome to the website of the of the first, by God’s grace, John the Baptist EOTC church in North America named Hamere Berehan Kidus Yohannes Metmik EOTC. For those who strove to make this a reality, I say glory be to God.

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St. John the Baptist

John the baptist, whom the Archangel Gabriel and his father Zachariah prophesied, is one who served God from the womb, who was set apart from this world and its trappings, a disciple who was granted the honor of baptizing our Lord; a teacher, martyr, ascetic, prophet and righteous saint.

The sage proclaims his greatness by saying ‹‹… ዮሐንስ ከማከ ሶበ ፈተዉ ወጽሕቁ፤ እሳተነዳዴ ኢተክህሎሙ ያጥምቁ፤ ራጉኤል በትጋሁ ወኢዮብ በጽድቁ፤ … ዮሐንስ ሆይ! ራጉኤል በትጋቱ፣ ኢዮብምበጽድቁ ቢመኙም ኾነ ቢጨነቁ እንደ አንተ የሚነድ እሳትን (መለኮትን) ሊያጠምቁ አልተቻላቸውም›› ሲል ታላቅነቱን መስክሮለታል (መልክአ ዮሐንስ መጥምቅ፣ ለአዕይንቲከ) indicating none from the prophets, priests, disciples and even angels were fit for this honor.

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About Us

His eminence Abune Fanuel archbishop of D.C. and surrounding area diocese

Melake Tsion Kesis Belachew Worku administrator of the church

Established in 2017, Hamere Berehan Kedus Yohannes Metimik stands unwavering in its commitment to preach the Gospel of Christ, administer the sacraments, and deliver spiritual and social services to the greater Montgomery county community and its surroundings, in accordance with the revered faith, teachings, and traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia.

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