About Us

His eminence Abune Fanuel archbishop of D.C. and surrounding area diocese

Melake Tsion Kesis Belachew Worku administrator of the church

Established in 2017, Hamere Berehan Kedus Yohannes Metimik stands unwavering in its commitment to preach the Gospel of Christ, administer the sacraments, and deliver spiritual and social services to the greater Montgomery county community and its surroundings, in accordance with the revered faith, teachings, and traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia.

After three years of dedicated service in rented premises, our church community achieved a significant milestone by acquiring a property at 4115 Muncaster Mill Road, Rockville, Maryland 20853, in January 2020. Operating from this new location, though constrained by limited sanctuary seating, Hamere Berehan Kedus Yohannes Metimik has steadfastly fulfilled its mission—baptizing infants, solemnizing the holy matrimony, and conducting memorial services for the departed in our community. Moreover, we are deeply invested in the spiritual and moral development of our members’ children, guiding them towards wisdom that equips them for the challenges of the world, fostering responsible citizenship, and cultivating them as ambassadors for Christ. Through Sunday School, continuous education, worship music, outdoor activities, and a unique volunteering platform tailored for students, we aim to instill values and create a supportive community. Our summer camp has become a growing demand among parents and kids, and we extend our support to under served children and those with special needs within the community.

Our commitment extends beyond spiritual endeavors. Amid the tumult of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hamere Berehan rose to the occasion, providing vital support to those affected. Weekly meal deliveries, community testing, and COVID-19 vaccination administration were carried out through strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations and the Montgomery County government. Over the last five years, numerous Archbishops, priests, and esteemed church dignitaries from Ethiopia have graced our church, where we aided them in fundraising for their diocesan initiatives.

Structured with purpose, our Church’s administrative framework consists of the General Assembly, the Church Board, and the Church Administrator. The General Assembly, as the ultimate authority, upholds the church’s mission, policies, and complies with local, state, and federal laws. The Board, charged with rule development and committee appointments, oversees the church community’s development and well-being. The Church Administrator manages day-to-day affairs, leading a council of clergymen responsible for Hamere Birhan Church’s spiritual functions.

Currently, we embark on the ambitious journey of redeveloping our property to expand sanctuary seating, accommodating our growing congregation. Additionally, Hamere Berehan Kedus Yohannes Metimik envisions fostering partnerships with other faith communities in the area.

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